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Loop Team partnered with Agora to create multi-party video communication and collaboration tools for distributed teams.

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About Loop Team

After exiting his last company, Raj Singh kept in touch with his former work-from-home team and found that they felt disconnected from their new parent company.

In an office environment, it’s easy to gauge availability with visual cues like a closed door, headphones, eye contact or a welcoming gesture. However, these cues are missing in virtual environments, making team building difficult. 

Raj and his co-founders, Rolf Rando and Jag Srawan, set out to provide virtual signals that replicate those in-real-life (IRL) cues and to combat the two biggest problems common to virtual offices: loneliness and the lack of ad-hoc conversation.

Loop Team uses automatic status updates, rich profiles, daily photos, avatars, and live conversations to solve these problems. Team members can easily see who is online and seamlessly broadcast or join conversations that build team spirit and spark creativity.

“In a physical office, you can see when people are present; you can overhear discussions. We wanted to virtually create the interaction opportunities found in a physical office. How could we make those hallway conversations happen?”

Raj Singh, CEO, Loop Team

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Loop Team user interface

Loop Team is designed to enable office-like interactions with quick drop-ins through real-time voice and video calls, making formal and informal meetups accessible, productive, and fertile ground for ad-hoc discussions that germinate fresh ideas.

Loop Team also provides real indicators of presence, making it easy for team members to see who is available and to facilitate collaboration with less friction.

All of these features provide real context for the conversations and activities that happen across workspaces so everyone feels connected and in the loop.

Products used

A solution for multi-party voice and video communication

Loop Team didn’t choose Agora on a lark. They researched their options and chose the Agora Real-Time Engagement Platform for many reasons, including:

  • Agora’s customizable API that works across all web, desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Agora’s extensive product portfolio—including recording and peer-to-peer messaging—that was necessary to build a multi-party video experience.
  • Agora’s reliability due to platform maturity, engineering excellence and unsurpassed audio and video quality in low-bandwidth situations.
  • Agora’s excellent support, responsiveness and documentation.

“Once we chose Agora, we were able to work on twice as many features with half the number of engineers due to the turnkey nature of Agora’s APIs.”

Jag Srawan, CTO, LOOP TEAM

Jag Srawan headshot cropped inside the Agora logo

“10 years from now, companies will be primarily distributed or have a truly remote-friendly culture. Corporate offices will be more like co-working spaces where people are more fluid and work in a more transient way.”


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