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InEvent’s hybrid event platform uses Agora to bring in-person event interactions online.


InEvent powers virtual and hybrid events through a deeply customizable no-code, white-label platform backed by 24/7 customer service. With a long list of impressive clients like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Honda, and many more, InEvent is the enterprise-level, virtual event platform for a wide variety of global companies.

The inspiration for the platform came from starting a remote-first company and realizing that the existing video conferencing solutions lacked the functionality needed for effective collaboration. This led the InEvent team to create an enterprise-ready platform designed to support the future of work, from sales and marketing to customer success and team collaboration.

“We believe that real-time video interaction will continue to play an increasingly important role in how people do their jobs. The future of work is now, and real-time experiences are central to this new and rapidly evolving paradigm.”

Pedro Góes, Ceo, INEVENT

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Graphic showing workflow within the InEvent app

Advances in real-time engagement (RTE) technology make it possible to preserve much of the value of in-person interaction in the virtual environment. Gone are the days when virtual events were a one-directional experience with a presenter talking at an invisible online audience. Now it is possible for everyone attending the event to interact in real-time, whether attending virtually or in-person.

InEvent’s Virtual Lobby feature doesn’t just replicate the in-person event experience—it improves it. The brandable, customizable, and interactive Virtual Lobby allows you to add features like live polling, gamification, networking roulette, attendance tracking, and more. This allows for seamless and enjoyable remote interactivity and provides extraordinary value in an increasingly decentralized business landscape. RTE also enables InEvent’s Live Studio feature, which allows you to recreate the broadcast studio setting, virtually. Live Studio makes it easy to deliver picture-perfect live streams with a high level of control over streams and cameras.

Products used

Bringing In-Person Interactivity to Virtual Event Attendees

Agora powers the real-time interactivity in InEvent’s Virtual Lobby and Live Studio. InEvent looked at a number of other solutions for real-time communication and found that very few have Agora’s proven track record of quality, reliability and service. Extensive testing of these solutions proved that Agora was the most reliable technology to power interactivity for InEvent’s enterprise-ready streaming services.

With hundreds of customers around the world, InEvent needed a solution with excellent quality regardless of location or event size. Agora’s global and highly scalable network architecture provides reliable and high-quality streaming for any size event—from one or two participants to hundreds of thousands—no matter where they are located. Ultimately, Agora’s RTE technology allows InEvent to help audio/video professionals and event managers create the best and most inclusive events for virtual and in-person attendees.

“We chose Agora because they have a proven track record of service excellence. We considered many providers and chose the best—it is our reputation at stake.”

pedro Góes, CEO, INEVENT

InEvent CEO, Pedro Góes

“Agora has been an invaluable partner in shaping the future of work. InEvent has grown 122% since implementing Agora’s RTE technology, driving more enterprise customers through our highly customizable Live Studio and Virtual Lobby products.”


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