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BlaBla Live makes language learning fun and immersive with real-time audio and video powered by Agora.

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BlaBla Live started with a goal in mind—to be different from other conventional online learning platforms by providing learners with a fun, engaging, and dynamic educational experience. BlaBla Live is an interactive platform that connects language learners with native English speakers and certified instructors globally. Established in 2019 in Taiwan by CEO and Founder, Angelo Huang, BlaBla Live was accepted into the Y Combinator’s startup accelerator and has since expanded into many emerging countries.

As a non-English native speaker from Taiwan, Angelo understood the complexities of learning the English Language as a young adult and decided to make the process easier for new learners. With that goal in mind, the platform uses live classes, audio, curated content, and short-form videos to help non-English speakers learn written and oral English.

“Traditional forms of language learning often lack practicality, resulting in difficulties with conversational assimilation and retention. BlaBla embodies a novel approach using real-time technology to connect English learners around the globe with native speakers.”


The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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For BlaBla Live, it was crucial to create a platform that provides access, connection, and engagement between tutors and language learners from anywhere across the globe. In order to empower and maximize learning, direct communication in real-time was another essential component. The real-time capabilities of the app make learning English accessible, collaborative, fun, and interactive for everyone, even on the go.

BlaBla Live uses real-time audio and video to provide engaging and 1-on-1 or small group classes on diverse topics to enhance the language learning journey. The 1-on-1 courses are personalized to the student’s learning level, while the group classes offer students an intimate, collaborative learning experience. Live classes are automatically recorded so students can review them later, deepening comprehension. Additionally, students can join roundtable chat rooms to find language tutors, make friends, and practice together in real time.

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Real-Time Language Learning, Even in Remote Locations

Global reach was a huge consideration for BlaBla Live when researching real-time engagement solutions providers, especially for remote regions in Asia and Latin America where network conditions are less stable. In evaluating Agora against other solutions, BlaBla Live found that in addition to cost savings, Agora’s network offered the global coverage, scalability, and reliability they needed to reach their target audience.

BlaBla Live ultimately chose Agora to power real-time audio and video for its live 1-on-1 and group classes. In addition, all sessions are auto-recorded using Agora’s Cloud Recording so students can review them later. Currently, BlaBla Live surpasses over one million minutes per month since integrating Agora into its product.

“We chose Agora because they have the only network that can reliably provide real-time audio to our global users, even in remote locations.”


BlaBla Live, CEO & Founder, Angelo Huang

“Our users love the real-time conversations they have with each other and their coaches. After successful integrations with Agora, our monthly engagement exceeded one million user minutes within three months and our customer ratings improved.”


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