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Beem makes full-body holograms a reality with AR and Agora

About bEEM

Typical digital communication too often lacks true human connection. Beem creates greater intimacy in digital communication with an augmented reality (AR) tool that lets users create and stream a full-body hologram of themselves with just a standard smartphone.

Beem combines the human AR hologram with real-time video streaming to create an immersive and engaging shared experience—from chatting with grandma to watching a performance from your favorite musician. The simplicity of using a smartphone app to broadcast and view AR holograms makes them more fun and accessible to everyone. Ultimately, Beem aims to own the market for communication between real humans in the metaverse.

“AR stimulates twice as much visual and emotional intensity compared to ordinary content. Combining AR with real-time communication provides a uniquely engaging experience.”

DAMIAN HICKEY, chief product officer, bEEM

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Two men and one woman interacting on their mobile device

Beem makes the way that people communicate with each other online more like face-to-face interaction. Today, video calls give us bits of body language but Beem’s AR holograms are the future of communication, providing the same psychological triggers that we’ve come to expect with physical interactions.

Of course real-time communication technology is a major part of the puzzle in Beem’s quest to create more lifelike interactions online. Broadcasting full-body holograms to a friend or a large audience enables a much more realistic and fulfilling human-to-human connection. By combining innovative AR technology with real-time voice and video, Beem takes sci-fi full-body holograms and makes them a reality.

Products used

Boosting engagement with AR holograms and real-time video

For Beem, making the decision to use Agora was simple. Beem found Agora to be the only real-time communication company serious about exploring augmented reality (AR) technology as the medium of the future. The Beem team was also impressed with Agora’s collaborative working style, 24/7 support, and high-quality customer service.

Agora’s flexibility and customization options made it easy to integrate with Beem’s AR hologram technology. Beem’s users are delighted to find that the quality of the audio and video connection is better than other well-known digital communication platforms.

“Agora was the only company that illustrated a shared vision for the future of real-time human-to-human communication in augmented reality. Agora’s capabilities align perfectly with our requirements and we haven’t looked back since.”

DAMIAN HICKEY, Chief product officer, bEEM

Damian Hickey, Chief Product Officer, Beem

“We built our platform using Agora’s services from the beginning and our users say our audio and video services feel more stable than other platforms like Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.”


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