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Chat Pricing

Integrate private and group messaging into your applications


PricingFreeStarting from $349, with additional $0.05/MAU beyond 5K MAUStarting from $699, with additional $0.05/MAU beyond 10K MAUCustom
Monthly Active UsersUp to 500Up to 50KUp to 100KCustom

Overages may apply. Please visit Agora Console for more information.

Optional Add-On

TranslationN/AN/A$0.02 /1,000 characters$0.02 /1,000 characters
Content ModerationN/AN/A$1.50 /1,000 transactions$1.50 /1,000 transactions


Interested in multiple products or anticipating lots of usage? We’re here to guide you through additional discounts customized to your usage. 

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