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Chat Pricing

Integrate private and group messaging into your applications


PricingFreeStarting from $349, with additional $0.05/MAU beyond 5K MAUStarting from $699, with additional $0.05/MAU beyond 10K MAUCustom
Monthly Active UsersUp to 500Up to 50KUp to 100KCustom (requires a minimum monthly commitment of 100K MAU)

Overages may apply. Please visit Agora Console for more information.

Optional Add-On

TranslationN/AN/A$0.02 /1,000 characters$0.02 /1,000 characters
Content ModerationN/AN/A$1.50 /1,000 transactions$1.50 /1,000 transactions

For text moderation, one transaction is 3KB of text content (roughly 30 sentences). For Image moderation, one image counts as a transaction.

Compare Agora Chat packages and pricing by visiting our documentation page.


Interested in multiple products or anticipating lots of usage? We’re here to guide you through additional discounts customized to your usage. 

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