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Marview's conversation analytics
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Analyze and understand customer conversations using Marsview
Marsview Speech analytics API
Marsview Speech analytics API
Marsview Speech analytics API


Marsview Speech Analytics is a cloud-hosted or containerized API service that helps you accurately transcribe a conversation and discover insights. It is packed with models for automatic speech recognition (ASR), Intent Recognition, Tone Analysis, Natural Language Classifiers to uncover topics, keywords, entities, and sentiments.

Marsview Speech Analytics extension provides an opportunity for the entire RTE ecosystem of developers to integrate powerful AI capabilities for automatic speech recognition (ASR), speaker separation, intent recognition, tone, sentiment analysis, and other conversational insights.

Developers building voice and video-driven real-time applications on Agora can use Marsview Speech Analytics API to:

  • Listen, record, transcribe, analyze and generate actionable insights
  • Understand customer’s intent and sentiments and get contextual feedback
  • Moderate the conversation in real-time for PII/PCI data, profanity, and other unsuitable content

Speech Analytics API works well on customer conversations, workforce meetings and outbound sales calls to automatically generate real-time contextual feedback, recommendations, moments, actions, curated knowledge base, Q&A, and summaries.

  • Convert speech into readable text from a live stream or audio and/or video recordings, separated by speakers.
  • Identify the type of speech based on context and tone such as a statement, question, command, and so on.
  • Combine the tone of voice and the sensitivity of the topic in the transcription text to classify the true sentiment as positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Detect the type of on-screen activity such as interactions, slide shares, motion graphics, etc. Capture keyframes and slides to chapterize a visual presentation.
  • Generate call quality and speech quality metrics to improve conversational performance.
  • Add custom vocabulary to generate more accurate transcriptions for your industry.

Marsview’s proprietary, pre-trained AI models provide complete control, flexibility, and security of your data. With just a few lines of code, developers can instantly enable Agora-powered RTE applications to generate real-time insights and make rapid, data-informed decisions on the fly to gain efficiency and profitability.

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