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Articom is an AI-powered audio and video analytics platform. The Articom content moderation solutions for Agora help reduce workload on the moderation team by more than 80%.

ARTICOM.VIDEO is a moderation service that allows customers to catch inappropriate content (e.g. nudity, violence) in a video stream, and automatically moderate the video content. Articom can help developers build custom datasets to block specific objects. Multiple moderation options include blurring and blocking video frame in full or partly.

ARTICOM.AUDIO allows developers to process all audio streams, convert voice into text transcription, and identify bad actors such as abusers and bullies. Customers can specify a certain set of actions to apply to bad actors, including kick or ban, mute the audio, notify the support team, or any other appropriate actions.

Geography Served:

Geography: APAC, Geography: EMEA, Geography: GCR, Geography: India, Geography: Japan, Geography: The Americas