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Finalists and Winners Announced for EdTech Awards 2023 featured

Finalists and Winners Announced for EdTech Awards 2023

By Author: Team Agora In Press Releases

Congrats to edtech’s best and brightest innovators, leaders, and trendsetters! 

NEW YORK (April 18, 2023) – Finalists and winners for The EdTech Awards 2023 have been announced to a worldwide audience of educators, technologists, students, parents, and policymakers interested in building a better future for learners and leaders in the education and workforce sectors.

Celebrating its 13th year, the US-based program is the world’s largest recognition program for education technology, recognizing the biggest names in edtech – and those who soon will be.

“A very big congratulations to all The EdTech Awards 2023 finalists and winners—and congratulations to all who endured the upheavals of the last few years only to come through stronger, more experienced, resilient, and resolute in laying out the future of learning,” said Victor Rivero, who as Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest, oversees the program.

“It’s far from perfect—but across K-12, higher education, and workforce learning sectors—an accelerated digital transformation has left in its wake hybrid schools, rapidly changing post-secondary models, and an increasingly remote-based workforce,” Rivero said. “The world has truly changed—and we will never be the same again.”

The EdTech Awards recognizes people for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, Higher Education, and Skills and Workforce sectors.

The EdTech Awards recognize people—and the products they produce and lives they shape— with three main honors:

  • The EdTech Cool Tool Awards
  • The EdTech Leadership Awards
  • The EdTech Trendsetter Awards

This year’s finalists and winners include: 


The EdTech Awards were established in 2010 to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate the most exceptional innovators, leaders, and trendsetters in education technology.

Past winners include Adobe, Claned, Soundtrap, Blackboard, Discovery Education, DreamBox, Edthena, Promethean, Scholastic, SMART Technologies, zSpace and more.

“We are honored to be recognized as a finalist by 2023 The EdTech Awards this year,” said Tony Zhao, CEO & co-founder, Agora. “EdTech Digest’s decision helps reaffirm our position as a leading innovator in the education technology space, furthering our mission to empower educators and students by providing seamless, real-time engagement solutions that bridge the gap between in-person and online learning experiences.”

This year’s EdTech Awards named Agora a finalist in the “e-learning, blended, flipped solution or remote solution” category for its Flexible Classroom capability – a low-code solution designed for building scalable and customizable online classrooms to enhance the learning experience. Flexible Classroom is powered by Agora’s Real-Time Engagement (RTE) technology across devices to make education accessible for students regardless of their location or circumstances. With its low-latency and advanced features such as hand-raising, live polling, and pop-up quizzes, Agora’s solution ensures smooth, uninterrupted communication between students and teachers. As the demand for online learning continues to grow, Agora’s technology is breaking down barriers in education and fostering a more inclusive and interactive learning environment.

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This year’s finalists and winners were narrowed from the larger field and judged based on various criteria, including: pedagogical workability, efficacy and results, support, clarity, value and potential.  

Editor-in-Chief of EdTech Digest Victor Rivero said:  

“To the innovators, leaders, and trendsetters of education technology, you are the way forward. Your future-focused mindset is welcomed, encouraged, and needed now more than ever—and we salute you!” 

Further information about The EdTech Awards is available here:

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Agora is the leading Real-time Engagement Platform as a Service (RTE PaaS) company. Agora’s mission is to make real-time engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any application, anytime and anywhere. Agora’s platform provides developers with simple, flexible and powerful application programming interfaces, or APIs, to embed real-time video and voice engagement experiences into their applications. 


EdTech Digest, a leading source of cool tools, interviews, and trends showcasing the future of learning — annually honors the best and brightest people, products and groups working in edtech with The EdTech Awards. Cool Tool, Leadership, and Trendsetter honorees span the K-12, Higher Ed, and Skills & Workforce sectors.