Powering Global Real-time Communications

Global scale, end-to-end quality of experience

End-to-end QoE

Integration in minutes across devices

Ease of Integration

  • App to App Calling

    Our rich set of WebRTC, ITU and Agora-optimized codec choices, plus a state-of-the-art mobile media engine, ensures premium voice and video quality across challenging network conditions and the “mobile last mile”.

  • Big Group Conferences

    We enable large global group conferences with up to 2000 voice users with 6 dynamic active speakers – built-in standard to our network. Video conferencing supports up to 5 participants today.

  • Easy Integration

    We make embedded voice and video simple. The Agora SDK for mobile devices and WebRTC-browsers is simple and straightforward, so get started today!

  • End to End QoE

    End-to-end Quality of Experience assurance supported by 70+ globally distributed data centers, smart global routing and our 24×7 quality monitoring system.

  • Proven Experience

    Over 20 years in the VoIP industry and experience delivering 400+ billion VoIP minutes annually.

  • Pay As You Go

    Pay as you go with our simple and straightforward pricing structure.

What You Get With Agora SDK

  • Cross-Platform

  • Easy integration across iOS, Android, MS Windows and WebRTC-compliant web browsers.

  • Minimum Latency

  • Our 70+ globally distributed data centers and smart real-time routing minimizes latency for global voice and video communication.

  • Premium HD Voice and Video

  • Our device-specific optimizations, codec choices and global network maintain premium quality across devices, networks, and noisy conditions.

  • Easy Integration

  • The Agora SDK is simple to use and is easily embedded in native mobile apps or leverages WebRTC capabilities in popular modern web-browsers.

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