No Up-front Cost
Easy Integration

Global Virtual Layer

Enabling Real-time Communications

Average global end-to-end latency at 75ms ignites interactive in a brand-

new, innovative way. No matter where are your users, are they using a low

speed network, we can make the connection happen.

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Average global latency


Real-time quality monitoring


Advanced Encryption

One SDK For All

All the APIs you need are included:

From initiate calls, voice & video

communications, whiteboard, screen

sharing, recording to data transition.

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Android | Web | Windows | iOS / macOS
RtcEngine rtcEngine = RtcEngine.create(mContext, appId, mEngineEventHandler.mRtcEventHandler);
rtcEngine.joinChannel(null, channel, "Extraoptional data", uid);
var client = AgoraRTC.createRtcClient();
client.init(appId, function() {
    client.join(appId, channel, undefined, successCallback, errorCallback);
}, errorCallback);
BOOL CAgoraObject::JoinChannel(LPCSTR lpChannelName, UINT nUID){
    int nRet = 0;
    nRet = m_lpAgoraEngineEx->joinChannel(NULL, lpChannelName, NULL, nUID);
    return nRet == 0 ? TRUE : FALSE;
let engine = AgoraRtcEngineKit.sharedEngineWithAppId("AppId", delegate: self)
engine.joinChannelByKey(nil, channelName: "channelName", info: nil, uid: 0, joinSuccess: nil)

Easy to Understand Dashboard

  • Monitoring gets simplified.
  • Usage, call quality, data center
  • status, device types, all the data
  • you care, we visualize for you.
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Secured Real-time Network

  • End-to-end communications supports
  • 256-bit encryption, and HIPAA
  • compliance for telemedical uses.
  • Advanced industry customized API
  • encryption offered as optional.
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