Reshape Customer Service With Video

When you want to communicate with your customers, there's no better medium than video: a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of American tech and market research company Forrester Research. Compan”……”

Ways to Use Interactive Broadcasting for Marketers

Interactive broadcasts have become a trend in online marketing. Businesses can create live videos to interact with customers and spread their messages quickly and effectively through social media. Interactive broadcasts are gaining succ”……”

My Thoughts on Technological Change in the New Media Age

I was invited to take part in a panel at 2016’s SVIEF event. This annual conference strengthens bonds between the US and China’s technological innovators, focusing on sharing ideas and exploring forthcoming changes. It was a great priv”……”

What the Chinese Interactive Broadcasting Trend Tells Us?

Interactive broadcasting, also known as live streaming, has been sweeping across China and part of Asia recently. Led by Chinese-based WeChat and copied by other chat apps such as Facebook-owned WhatsApp, interactive broadcasting is on ”……”

Some Frequently Asked Questions By Our Developers

As you are venturing into the world of building apps around real-time communications, there may be some questions that come up along the way. We organize some of the questions asked by developer peers and hope some of these get your que”……”

The Internet is Today’s Real Time Network

Today, nearly 3.4 billion people, 46% of the world’s population, are connected to the Internet (InternetStats) and enterprises of all sizes rely increasingly on the Internet, as well as their private IP networks, for every moment of”……”

Introducing The Agora SDK v1.5

We are excited to announce the release of Agora SDK v1.5. This major product update brings a few important features to our customers and developers, and also gives the dashboard - the place many users visit often - a brand-new look.  W”……”

Telemedicine Isn’t Just for Robots

When we first hear about telemedicine, many of us imagine surgeons operating on patients remotely with sophisticated robots. This can seem very far removed from everyday medical needs and capabilities, and make telemedicine somethin”……”