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Live Video - The New Way to Educate Featured

Live Video – The New Way to Educate

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Live Video is expanding educational opportunities in meaningful ways. In this new era of communication, people are looking for online learning to augment the traditional in-classroom experience. Having real-time live video chat features allows students and teachers to work to their full potential. Live video chat is a trend that is transforming the way we connect and learn. Here’s why we think this trend is here to stay.

Communication. No matter where you are in the world – being connected matters. In online education, real-time connectivity is essential. Online learning is growing and evolving in creative digital ways, all designed to attract the best talent and engage bright students.

Engagement. What used to be dull pre-recorded sessions have been replaced by real-time video chat that allows students and teachers to connect face to face. Today we are seeing live 1:1 and group classroom learning. From Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s) to the intimacy of pupil and tutor one on ones, digital advances are benefiting online students globally. We see seamless real-time video chat providing access, creating engaging and positive user experiences in safe environments for all.

A New Way to Educate

VIPKids: VIPKids uses live interactive video calls, enabling students to educate themselves from the comfort and convenience of their homes. VIPKids is an online English language education program that allows educators the flexibility to work where and when they want, without the responsibility of building a curriculum, lesson plans, or grading. Instructors get to do what they love, teach globally, and work locally making this the perfect example of how to use live video as the new way to educate. Students get to thrive in personalized, one-on-one sessions. By including dynamic elements like the interactive one on one classes that keep the students engaged, VIPKids is changing the future of education, one video lesson at a time.


Other use cases of live video education include recording bite-size lessons that can be viewed on demand, or again and again, appealing to even the shortest of attention spans. Instructors can use live video to add personalized touches to connect with students and build rapport. In addition, they can flip lessons so students can view ahead of time and come to class prepared and ready to engage in dialogue that helps imprint the days’days lesson.

Teaching hands-on skills or even letting the student make appropriate videos to share online – all of this is disrupting education as we know it. 

But wait! There’s more . . . According to the American Public Broadcasting Service’s (PBS) annual teacher survey on media and technology, the majority of teachers believe that video is an effective great learning tool:

  • 68% believe that video stimulates discussions
  • 66% believe that video increases student motivation, and
  • 41% believe that video increases student achievement.

Pop Quiz.

Just kidding. Okay, but seriously . . . what did we learn?

Today’s students are digital natives and love their screen time. Check. Live video taps into their lifestyle and makes learning fun. Check. Live video provides endless possibilities that enable students, tutors, and certified instructors to to seamlessly connect globally. Check. More and more today, people are educating themselves from the comfort and convenience of their homes or maximizing their commute time while furthering their education using online live video.

These forward-thinking companies (Udemy, Coursera, LearnCube, and VIPKids), are meeting the needs of students around the world. By offering exciting/effective new ways to learn and engage with educational content. Providing creative online teaching solutions via live video is the key to combat the rising costs of education.

Anytime, Anywhere Education

With education rapidly expanding when, how, and where we interact with each other, live video allows us to create a space that we define in terms of privacy, collaboration,  and productivity – anytime, anywhere. Because of live video, we are more productive participants in life, more focused students of learning.

Students now have access to education by motivated teachers and can have fun interacting with fellow classmates. Languages, coding, cooking, math, science, art,  and wellness – just about anything you can imagine is being successfully taught online. Unique classes are offered from qualified independent teachers online, providing equality and diversity for all.

In academia, hard work, determination,  and tenacity are required but not always possible unless you have access to enter these spaces. One tremendous benefit Live Video learning brings to students of the world, is access. Geographical challenges are no longer obstacles blocking the curiosity and brilliance in students around the world.

Live video classes are fun, convenient and safe. Passionate teachers provide customized learning 24×7. Whether you seek enrichment classes or core academics, live video can deliver it to your favorite device.

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