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Introducing Agora App Builder: A No-Code Design Studio to Create Personalized Live Video Apps featured

Introducing Agora App Builder: A No-Code Design Studio to Create Personalized Live Video Apps

By Author: Sid Sharma In Product

Sid Sharma is the Agora Senior Director of Developer Relations and Partner Engineering, focused on improving the developer experience and enriching the technology partner ecosystem. His team of Developer Evangelists are audio and video technology experts who are constantly educating and innovating to help developers to embed real-time engagement in their apps.

As the world continues to grow into a digital-first society, it is becoming the norm for innovators and creators to interact with their customers and audiences through contextual virtual experiences. Real-time technologies—like live video chat and streaming—are necessary to enable these interactions, which has created a demand for tools that make it simpler and easier to build these real-time experiences.

Build customized production-ready live video apps in minutes

Today, we are proud to announce Agora App Builder—the world’s first solution for creating live video chat and streaming apps without coding. 

Agora App Builder is a no-code design studio that allows anyone to create, personalize, and publish their very own purpose-built, live video apps to connect with audiences, engage with customers and drive business outcomes. Users can create a beautiful video application in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code, and can also customize the experience to fit their unique needs. 

The world is evolving towards a “creator economy,” where people make a living by sharing their skills, hobbies, and interests online. All the creators, from foreign language teachers, yoga instructors, to chefs and musicians, need an easy way to connect with their audiences. Agora App Builder was designed to solve this problem and support the creation of virtual experiences for everyone to enjoy.

“Our immersive 3D environment relies on a lot of audio and video communication. As a start-up, it is very expensive and time-consuming to build all those features from scratch. After trying multiple solutions, we found Agora, and have to say it exceeded all our expectations. With the Agora App Builder, we built our prototype and launched a web-based light version within minutes!”

Aladin Ben, CEO & Co-founder, Waimz

Agora App Builder features

  • Superior customization and go-to-market speed: No-code customization and an easy go-live process ensure that non-technical creators can get to market fast. Developers can take the generated codebase and customize it further with more features and UI customizations.
  • All the features you’ve come to expect and more: Beautiful user interface, multi-screen sharing, dial-in support, host controls, cloud recording, call analytics, and more, make customizing a video solution with any brand personality a snap.
  • Quality, scalability, and reliability: Backed by the Agora Software Defined Real-Time Network (SD-RTN), you get ultra-low latency, global coverage, and high availability right out of the box.

A lot more on the way

And this is just the beginning. Agora is committed to helping everyone connect online so keep your eyes open for these additional features coming soon.

  • Additional templates for Online Classrooms, Watch Parties, Live Podcasts, and more
  • App Builder SDK for seamless implementation with existing applications
  • App Builder extensions for a more contextual experience with integrated add-ons to enrich your application

With Agora App Builder, you can quickly generate your desktop, mobile, and web apps without writing any code—meaning you can launch your live video product in minutes on all the most popular devices. Agora App Builder was developed with all users in mind—whether you’re an expert developer or haven’t written a line of code in your life.

Launch your app today or read more about Agora App Builder.