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AI in Telehealth: The Future of Healthcare Delivery hero


AI in Telehealth: The Future of Healthcare Delivery

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Transform Patient Care and Access

AI’s Revolutionary Role in Telehealth

This on-demand webinar provides a deep dive into the transformative power of AI in telehealth, exploring innovative applications from diagnostic algorithms and predictive analytics to personalized patient care.

What you will learn:

  • Enhancing Diagnostic Precision: Learn how Sniffle is using AI to diagnose conditions with 95% accuracy, reducing errors and improving patient outcomes.
  • Personalized Patient Care: Discover how AI enhances the patient’s experience by enabling personalized treatment plans and monitoring, ensuring each patient receives tailored care.
  • Operational Efficiency and Access: Explore how Canary Speech is using vocal biomarkers and over 10M data points to make mental health assessment effective and economical.
  • Ethical Considerations and Privacy: Learn how providers are navigating the ethical concerns and privacy issues surrounding the use of AI.

Who should attend:

Telehealth Service Providers, Healthcare Professionals, Innovators in Healthcare Technology, Medical Educators, and anyone interested in the future of healthcare delivery.

Meet our Speakers

Gil Margolin headshot

Gil Margolin

CTO – Talkspace

Chris Mathew headshot

Chris Mathew

Chief Growth Officer – Sniffle

Chris Olson headshot

Chris Olson

Strategic Advisor – Canary Health

Max Randall headshot

Max Randall

Account Executive (Telehealth) – Agora

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