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Build your reputation and teach the Agora community.

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Who are the Agora Content Contributors?

Agora Content Contributors are developers who create content for the Agora community. The work of community contributors expands and strengthens Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform through tutorials and guides for other developers building with the Agora Real-Time SDKs.

Agora Content Contributors are rewarded for creating Agora community content. Through the program, community contributors can earn financial payments and bonus goodies from Agora.

We’ll post the tutorial on Agora’s official blog, and we encourage content contributors to post to their personal Medium and accounts with links to the tutorial, too.

How much can contributors earn?

Agora pays US$250 via PayPal for each high-quality blog post and demo we publish.

If the post needs to be updated, we’ll pay $50 for each update. All publication and payment decisions are at the discretion of Agora’s editorial team. 

All rights to the blog post and demo are transferred to Agora upon publication, and the community contributor is credited in the byline.

Tier bonuses

Contributors can earn extra goodies based on how many developers sign up monthly (MAD=monthly active developers) after reading the tutorial:

Tier 1 (50 MAD): Water bottle

Tier 2 (100 MAD): T-shirt

Tier 3 (150 MAD): Hoodie

Tier 4 (200 MAD): US$ 50 bonus

What is the publication process?

The first step is to come up with an idea. Then, apply, refine the idea, write the tutorial, revise it, and publish!

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Use the form at the bottom of this page to send us your idea, an outline of your tutorial, and a writing sample. If you have an Agora Writer profile, you can link to that instead of providing a writing sample.

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02 Refine

After you’ve submitted your application, a member of our DE team will work with you to refine your outline and the feature set of your tutorial.

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03 Write

Using Agora’s tutorial template and writing guidelines, draft your blog post and demonstration.

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04 revise

After you’ve submitted your first draft, Agora will team you up with an editor to help you revise and polish your work.

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05 Publish

When you’ve finished revisions, Agora will pay you and publish your tutorial! We’ll promote your tutorial to our social media followers, and encourage you to do the same. We’ll keep track of converted MAD and send you goodies as you reach each tier. And we’ll ask you what you want to write for us next!

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