Agora’s RTC solution provides Gravy with
flawless live streaming video to power an
entirely new shopping experience

Live streaming game shows are one of the hottest trends in mobile right now

Live streaming game shows are one of the hottest trends in mobile right now. The sudden popularity of HQ Trivia spawned dozens of live trivia clones, clever questions across every possible category imaginable, and charming hosts to suit just about any personality.

This live video boom also inspired developers to reimagine what mobile-first entertainment could be, which led to the creation of countless new apps, from multi-party group video chat to video-based social gaming to virtual gifting-driven live streaming. In each iteration, live engagement and audience interaction remained at the very core of the user experience.

But then there’s Gravy, an innovative concept that’s much more than live streaming entertainment. Gravy is the first-ever shopping game show designed for mobile devices, combining elements of a live game show with a QVC-like shopping experience. It’s a bit like eBay, except in reverse where the price drops every second, and a bit like The Price is Right, except everyone is a contestant waiting to score a product at just the right price.


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Players tune in daily (except for Saturdays) at 8:30 p.m. ET to compete for cash prizes, score deals on products, and raise money for charity. Push notifications alert users of the occasional surprise show to keep things interesting.

The developers behind Gravy needed a scalable live streaming solution that delivers flawless, uninterrupted video with minimal lag and a light footprint to keep devices running cool without monopolizing the phone’s resources. Most importantly, Gravy needed an RTC solution with global reach and highly reliable networks to support its growth as it pioneers an emerging category of retail: live video commerce.

Gravy gamifies online shopping with a highly-engaging live experience

The key functionalities of Gravy are the live streaming video, which enables the show’s host to engage with the audience, and the in-game chat functionality that allows players to interact with the host and their competitors. The game relies on community engagement to enhance the player experience, increase user stickiness, and drive actual transactions, so the live video stream must be high quality and reliable no matter the user’s device, location, or network condition. And because the players are competing against the clock as they patiently wait for the right time to make their purchase, even the slightest lag or delay can completely disrupt the user experience.   


To ensure a flawless broadcast and a truly engaging live shopping experience, Gravy utilizes Agora’s Voice & Video APIs for crystal clear video with extreme low latency on a proven network that powers 10 billion minutes of real-time communications each month for users across the globe.

Embedding high quality group video chat does not have to be complex 

Building an expansive player community requires a scalable, dependable network

As e-commerce has grown, retail has become borderless and shoppers now expect to transact no matter their location. And similar to HQ Trivia, which now boast users from across the country and around the world, Gravy’s community will also need a platform that can support its growth as it expands its reach. However, that’s easier said than done because building a scalable platform that incorporates live streaming video is no small feat.

First, Gravy needs to be able to support the sheer number of users within each broadcast as it grows in popularity. Agora’s live streaming solution can support nearly an unlimited number of participants with no loss in video quality and integrity. Then there are also the uncontrollable factors of scaling a user base, including geography, hardware, and network conditions, all of which can impact the user experience at the individual level. Luckily for Gravy, Agora deployed its own proprietary virtual network that dynamically routes data to the most optimal paths across 160+ data centers worldwide, meaning users will have the same high-quality experience no matter where they are.

Embedding high quality live video doesn’t mean complex integration

Gravy is an innovative live shopping game that reimagines the way people discover and buy products. Its developers shouldn’t have to spend years developing and optimizing its own live streaming functionality, which is why they chose Agora. But even beyond the technical expertise and the robust APIs Agora provides, the actual integration should be simple and straightforward. Agora’s solutions allowed for fast and easy implementation that required no more than a few lines of code, which meant Gravy developers were able to embed live video and get the functionality up and running in a matter of days.

What this all means for Gravy, from a technical perspective

● Crystal clear, end-to-end quality of experience—backed by 160 globally distributed  data centers, 15 patents pending, and innovative network-transmission algorithms

● Premium HQ, ultra-wide band, real-time communication capabilities from codecs built from the ground up for mobile

● Battery usage, CPU usage


About Agora

Founded in 2014, Agora is a global company with offices in Santa Clara, London, Bangalore and Shanghai and customers in over 100 countries. offers a real-time engagement platform as a service that allows developers to easily embed voice, video, video chat, interactive streaming, and messaging on a global scale for any mobile, Web or desktop application and go-live globally in a matter of days. With over 20 billion minutes of monthly usage on our network, is trusted by developers and powers live streaming and video interaction for leading brands across the globe, with use cases ranging from social, gaming, workflow collaboration, enterprise training & branding, e-commerce, to healthcare and many more. Agora services are backed by SLA at a very competitive price. Agora is GDPR compliant.

The Agora platform is powered by the Agora Software Defined Real Time Network (SD-RTN™), a global delivery network of 200 data centers. SD-RTN™ dynamically manages the routing of voice and video to overcome severe packet loss incidents and enable a seamless, uninterrupted, live, high-quality real-time streaming delivery across the globe, even in the most remote locations and emerging markets.