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A Match Made For Monetization Webinar featured

Webinar: Social and E-commerce: A Match Made for Monetization

Join the webinar as Abby and VAMA discuss how lines are becoming blurred between social and retail platforms.

As social platforms widen their offerings, user interest in shoppable social platforms is increasing along with their intent to buy. Similarly, the popularity of interactive e-commerce is rising, by leveraging social features such as livestream shopping and augmented reality.

Both social and e-commerce businesses must think outside of traditional platform channels to increase engagement and drive monetization. In this 30-minute webinar, Nidhi Sharma, Co-Founder and CEO, Abby, and Himanshu Semwal, Co-Founder, VAMA will share their perspectives on:

  • Trends in social and e-commerce
  • The importance of influencer-led/subject expert-led livestreaming
  • How Agora and Real-Time Engagement (RTE) solutions create a more engaging live streaming experience for users

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