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Powering Social Connection Across the Metaverse featured

Webinar: Powering Social Connection Across the Metaverse

Join the webinar as Bunch Live and Agora come together to discuss how shared real-time experiences and gaming will blur the lines between physical and virtual worlds and usher the metaverse into mainstream society. 

As the internet evolves, ancillary technologies become more powerful, and people spend more time online, game publishers need to make fundamental adjustments to their product strategies to attract and retain their audiences.

Similarly, most if not all businesses will learn that the path to success in an increasingly digital society will be informed by the gaming industry – from driving expression and engagement, to fostering community and building massive revenue streams. 

In this 30-minute webinar, Agora’s Director of Business Development, Varun Sainani and Bunch’s’ Head of Business Development and former head of Facebook Gaming Partnerships for the Americas, Guy Cross will share their perspectives on: 

  • The substantial opportunities churning at the confluence of recent social and gaming trends 
  • How these early manifestations of the metaverse will impact the greater technology industry and our everyday lives 
  • How Agora and RTE can help create a more engaging and memorable gaming experience.