Agora enables companies around the globe to engage audiences with real-time voice, video and interactive broadcasting.

Cross Platform Choice

Agora's flexible APIs enable deep integration of voice communications.








Agora includes full support across a range of tech stacks making it easy to deliver deep integration of high-quality, low-latency calling across all platforms and channels.

Quality First

The Highest Audio Quality in the Industry

Our team of audio engineers have fine-tuned a wide variety of audio parameters and built an extremely robust audio engine that works even in the most challenging network environments.

Immersive Audio Experience

One-to-One-Calling & Group Calling

Agora Voice Calls can scale from 1-to-1 calls to as many participants as required ensuring you can handle all the use-cases your users need.

3D Spatial Audio

Go beyond stereo with 3D spatial support! Send precise location data along with the audio stream to unlock immersive audio experiences for your users. With this feature, a gamer can hear other gamer voices with distance and location dimensions added.
Perfect for gaming, AR and VR applications.

Active Speaker Detection

Help users better understand the conversation with speaker detection. Agora will automatically detect which users are speaking, allowing you to highlight them in your interface.


Voice Effects

Make calls fun and engaging with a range of voice effects. From sound mixing to sound reverb, your users will make more calls and spend more time on calls just to experiment with all the possibilities.

The Network

Agora’s SD-RTN™ is the world’s most advanced RTC network

We work where others don’t. Agora’s SD-RTN™ has over 200 data centers distributed around the world to ensure ultra-low latency (~300ms) and resilience to packet loss (up to 70%).


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