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Twilio Video Migration

Resources to help you easily migrate from Twilio Programmable Video to Agora

Twilio to Agora migration hero

Considering your options for migration? Ask these questions first

While Twilio has suggested that users migrate to Zoom’s Video SDK, there are some key questions that users should consider before deciding on a migration path.

How important are video performance and stability to your users?

  • Agora’s Video SDK outperforms Zoom (and Twilio)

Does your use case need development flexibility or feature customization?

  • Agora offers the most development flexibility and has a marketplace of pre-built extensions

Is live streaming part of your strategy?

  • Agora’s video SDK offers proven video calling and live streaming, while Zoom’s doesn’t

Is Zoom’s business set up to support developers?

  • Agora remains focused on providing SDKs for developers while Zoom remains focused on its enterprise SaaS business

Read our full thoughts here: Choosing the Right Path in the Wake of Twilio’s Video Exit

Feature Comparison

Wondering how Twilio’s Programmable Video feature set compares to Agora and Zoom SDK? Get the details below, or view the full table.

Feature Twilio Zoom Agora
Platform support Web, iOS, Android SDK Ref Android, Flutter, iOS, Linux, macOS, React Native, Web, Windows Android, Flutter, iOS, Linux, macOS,React Native, Web, Windows, Unity, Unreal, Electron and Web React JS (beta)
Spatial audio NA NA 3D Spatial Audio
Analytics NA Session Data Session Data, Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts, Data Analytics, and Datadog integration
Content moderation NA Manual Process Video Content Moderation
Supported codecs Industry Standard Codecs but not H.265 Proprietary Codec Industry Standard Codecs inc. VP 9
QoS Reference Using QoS DSCP Marking SD-RTN™

Discuss migration from Twilio

Want to chat through your migration options? We’re here to help. We’re offering Twilio video customers migrating to Agora up to 2 months FREE:

  • 1 FREE month with a 12-month contract, 2 FREE months with a 24-month contract
  • Free month(s) provided as credit based on average annual usage.
  • No limit to the value of free month(s). More usage, more savings

Complete the form, and we’ll be in touch about migration.