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Three Strategies to Create a Highly Engaging Online Classroom

Webinar: Three Strategies to Create a Highly Engaging Online Classroom

Keep your students engaged, focused, and motivated while increasing retention and maximizing revenue.

With the changing world and the move to a completely remote or hybrid mode, there is one major piece that is missing from a great learning environment: Engagement!

Whether you’re an online tutoring business, language learning provider, or an EdTech developer, students can only benefit from your platform if they:

  • Stay in the app long enough to reach the end of the course
  • Stay engaged, focused, and motivated on the content

How can you achieve this? How can you increase conversions, improve retention and maximize your revenue? The key is human interaction—enabling students to share the experience in real time and get personalized guidance and support, without system lags, performance problems, or network issues.

Watch this on-demand webinar about how you can incorporate real-time engagement in your platform to drive differentiation, sustainable revenue, and long-term business success with Agora.