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Scener gathers friends to enjoy streaming content in virtual watch parties powered by Agora.

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About Scener

Scener is changing the way that people consume media—allowing friends to watch their favorite shows and movies together in virtual environments. Now supporting more than 10 streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Amazon Prime, Scener leverages Agora’s real-time engagement technology to enable social interaction on top of the standard viewing experience.

While streaming has dramatically expanded what, where and when viewers can watch, the often solitary, one-way viewing experience hasn’t evolved all that much—until now. Scener is pioneering the two-way, socially interactive future of streaming media.

“RTE is the lifeblood that makes Scener’s synchronous hangouts possible; without the ability to connect in real time across video and audio and synchronize content playback together, our product would not exist.”

Joe Braidwood, Co-founder & COO, Scener

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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Real-time social interaction is becoming an increasingly important tool for building fruitful relationships with key target audiences. Scener is changing the streaming landscape with shared viewing environments that are engaging, exciting, and infinitely scalable.

By syncing shows or movies with everyone in a watch party, Scener allows viewers to watch with friends or other fans. Video, audio, and text chat allow participants to connect and interact in real time. Users can host an invite-only gathering with a few friends or open it up to the public and host a party of any size on all of the major streaming platforms. The public option gives actors, influencers, filmmakers, and more the ability to host screenings and engage directly with their audiences.

Products used

Enabling global watch parties with low-latency and scalability

Agora powers Scener’s real-time video chat and establishes the real-time connection that fuels the platform’s ability to synchronize video streams and communication for viewers. Scener turned to Agora to power its synchronized hangouts because they needed a solution with global reach, low-latency, and scalability. When comparing Agora against other solutions, pricing, scalability, and support made Agora the clear choice for Scener.

Agora’s real-time network allows Scener to confidently offer synchronized experiences to groups of users who might be located around town, around the country, or around the world. Scener can also scale with ease from a small handful of viewers to hundreds of thousands thanks to Agora’s unique network architecture. Scener’s users love the high quality watch party experience that Agora powers.

“Switching over to Agora’s RTE technology has been pivotal in establishing Scener as the category leader in video-chat watch parties. Our users simply love the low-latency and high quality experience that Agora makes possible and our numbers show it. We’ve grown more than tenfold since moving to Agora.”

Joe Braidwood, Co-founder & COO, Scener

Scener Co-Founder & COO, Joe Braidwood

“Agora’s low-latency and highly-scalable network has been critical to our success. It has enabled us to offer elastic experiences that can grow from two people to two hundred thousand—all in the same virtual space. We recently hosted almost 30,000 users on Scener for the screening of Zack Snyder’s Justice League with Mr. Snyder himself hosting via Agora. It was awesome!”


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