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Noon provides a radically different collaborative learning environment—with real-time engagement powered by Agora.

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Noon is on a mission to dramatically change the way people learn. Unlike other EdTech companies, Noon is focused on social learning and gamification. Founded in 2013 in Saudi Arabia as a test preparation website, the product has evolved into a comprehensive virtual learning platform with more than 6 million registered users.

Noon founders realized that the problem in remote education is not a lack of content, but rather a lack of motivation—and boredom. The company set out to address this by building an education platform that is social, engaging, and fun. The platform includes live classrooms, breakout rooms, live study groups and interactive quizzes.

“We recognized that emerging real-time engagement technologies presented an opportunity to dramatically improve remote learning through social interaction. We have capitalized on this opportunity to create a virtual education environment that is engaging—and fun! It is our goal to unite 50 million students and teachers, from all around the world, by 2023.”

Mohammed Aldhalaan, Co-Founder and CEO

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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To accomplish the goal of improving online learning through social interaction, Noon turned to real-time engagement (RTE) technology. Using live interactive voice and messaging, Noon has built an education platform where students are able to learn in a truly collaborative virtual environment. This collaborative engagement empowers a challenging, collaborative and fun environment where students learn together.

Noon’s use of real-time voice and messaging facilitates a more natural online classroom environment where the teacher and students are able to interact much as they would in the real world. Perhaps more importantly, students can interact with one another—inside and outside of the virtual classroom. Noon also uses gamification to increase engagement, allowing students to challenge their friends to online quizzes and competitions and see who ends up on the top of the leaderboard.

Products used

Infinitely scalable voice and messaging

Noon’s aggressive growth plan requires a technology partner with a global footprint and the ability to scale with ease. Over the past eight months, Noon has expanded into four new markets with almost zero development effort on their side thanks to Agora’s global scalability. Noon is able to remain focused on growing their business while Agora ensures delivery of a quality voice and messaging experience across our global, infinitely scalable, software defined real-time network.

Noon originally launched with a different voice and messaging provider but ran into issues with both quality and support. The switch to Agora was driven by four factors: Reliability, stability, scalability, and support. Agora’s unique pricing structure also means that Noon only pays for the minutes they use. Agora’s technology empowers Noon to reliably connect students and educators around the world with ease.

“We use Agora to power our platform’s core interactive learning experiences including classrooms, breakout sessions, interactive quizzes, etc. Since moving to Agora, our student net promoter score (NPS) score has jumped by 50%! Our users are pleased with the stability and reliability that Agora brings to the product.”

Mohammed Aldhalaan, Co-Founder and CEO

Headshot of Noon Co-Founder, Mohammed Aldhalaan

“Since implementing Agora, we have added more than four million happy students in eight different countries. We have also launched four new markets. The reliability, stability, and scalability provided by Agora has been a major contributor to the growth and success of our business.”


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