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Mixtroz makes virtual networking a delight with data + Agora’s video chat.

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Mixtroz was born out of frustration with traditional networking events. The company’s founders, mother and daughter duo Kerry Schrader and Ashlee Ammons, realized that you could spend hours talking to people without making a single meaningful connection. Mixtroz takes the work out of networking by using data to match people for the most authentic connections.

Mixtroz vastly improves the chances of mutually beneficial interactions at in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. While still a startup, Mixtroz is set up for continued growth as one of few minority- and female-founded companies to raise millions in funding.

“Meeting new people can be difficult, especially online. Part of our value proposition is the way that we make virtual networking a delight with our software combined with real-time engagement.


The Power of Real-Time Engagement

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The majority of people don’t really like networking and doing it virtually is even more challenging. To make networking enjoyable, Mixtroz uses data and real-time video technology to match and connect people that are most likely to make meaningful connections at virtual and hybrid events.

The “virtual mix” feature breaks people down into smaller groups based on their answers to a set of questions created by the event organizers. The small groups are connected in a virtual meeting space, where they can interact via real-time video, take part in icebreakers, discuss group-specific data points, rate the session, and exchange contact information.  All of this data is immediately visible in the organizer’s dashboard, providing ROI on community building initiatives.

Products used

Seamless integration and customization options drive growth

Mixtroz realized early on that unreliable video call technology is a disaster for a virtual networking app because people will simply log off if they experience connection issues. Maintaining the infrastructure for real-time video was also a major hassle for Mixtroz’s non-technical founding team. Mixtroz chose Agora for its reliability and consistency in delivering seamless real-time video, with the on-demand technical support and resources they needed.

Agora’s Video Calling integrated seamlessly into Mixtroz’s tech stack and provides the opportunity to easily add differentiating features in the future, like Interactive Whiteboard. Agora’s scalability and flexible pricing model allow Mixtroz to scale up as it grows in popularity. All of this along with the support of Agora’s Startup Program, helped to ease the technical burden and allow Mixtroz to focus on innovation.

“As a startup, cost is always a driver of decision making. Support from Agora’s Startup Program and the flexible pricing structure allow us to scale our use of real-time video with ease.”

kerry schrader, COFOUNDER, MIXTROZ

Mixtroz Cofounder, Kerry Schrader

Switching to Agora means we no longer have to worry about reliability. Agora’s crystal-clear video call experience keeps Mixtroz moments magical.”


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