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Live trivia games on De Kabeza platform displayed on three phones
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De Kabeza uses real-time audio and video from Agora to make live trivia more engaging.

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About De Kabeza

In today’s attention-starved economy, engagement can be hard to generate. De Kabeza helps its customers generate on average 21 minutes of undivided attention with real-time games that combine live streaming video with trivia and chat. 97% of our players reported that they wanted to play again after their first game.

De Kabeza’s founders were inspired to launch the trivia platform after years of working at agencies and emerging media platforms. They knew there was a better way to capture attention digitally than with banner ads or spending months developing games few people saw. Ultimately, what clients were seeking was meaningful time and connection with their audience whether it’s for training, events, marketing, or education.

“Games, online and offline, create fun and bring people together. Whether entertaining customers or training your team, putting them at the center of the action with games in real-time makes the experience memorable and meaningful.

Alana Kalin, CEO and Co-Founder, De Kabeza

The Power of Real-Time Engagement

Animation of people playing live, social games online

What makes De Kabeza unique is that the platform allows anyone—not just those with technical or production backgrounds—to build and launch their own interactive, live game shows. De Kabeza handles the game logic, interface, teleprompter view for the host, and scoring for winners. Users just need to bring their own energy and content. Whether it’s for marketing, internal comms or an event, the games strengthen ties between the audience and 97% of players want to play again. De Kabeza allows you to put participants at the center of the action and gamify the communications to keep people engaged.

At a time where we can get any type of information or entertainment on demand, participating in a live game is special. Players know they can affect the outcome, be heard, and interact with the host. It’s like Jeopardy, though everyone gets to play instead of yelling at the TV! Real-time engagement is invaluable for De Kabeza’s customers.

Products used

Improved audio and video with better support

With live, interactive video and audio the as center point of their platform, it was essential for the De Kabeza team to find the right live streaming partner. With Agora’s real-time engagement platform, they were able to pull the live streaming video directly into the game and add the interactive questions on top of and around the video.

Some of the major factors that led De Kabeza to choose Agora were:

  • The ability to separate the audio and video streams
  • Graceful regression depending on connection quality
  • Excellent technical support
  • Monthly usage vs. flat fee

Since switching to Agora from their previous live streaming provider (Red5Pro), De Kabeza’s end users have noted the improvement on video and audio.

“We looked around long and hard for solid solutions that fit our specific needs. We ended up switching from our existing live streaming partner because of Agora’s excellent support, capabilities, flexible payment plan, and enthusiasm towards working with us.”

Alana Kalin, CEO and Co-Founder, De Kabeza

Headshot of De Kabeza CEO and Co-Founder, Alana Kalin

“Since partnering with Agora, it feels like we have 5 brilliant new team members. Whether it’s solving technical challenges, building new features, or thinking about our value proposition, Agora’s support and platform have been invaluable.”


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