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Use Cases

Engage Social Shoppers. Stream Live Demos. Grow Brand Loyalty.

Bring the town square to your customers with live voice and video. Encouraging people to socialize, window shop and engage with your products in real time increases in-app engagement and buying.


More Reasons to Shop Until They Drop

We know that interactive voice and video will keep eyes on your app longer, but we have features to make your app even harder to resist.

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Outstanding audio and video quality

Agora’s SD-RTN™ provides a smooth experience so retailers and customers can focus on their interaction—not the technology they’re using. Our SOLO™ and NOVA™ audio codecs ensure natural audio reproduction.

Advanced in-house algorithms provide adaptive resolution, while immediate initial video rendering and seamless channel switching provide a reliable stream without delay, against even the most challenging network conditions.

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Fun effects

Shopping isn’t just about buying the necessities. For many people, it’s entertainment.

Agora’s voice effects give users control over everything from sound mixing to reverb with plenty of room for experimentation, and users can send background music and sound effects along, too.

They can change their appearance to reflect their mood or how they relate with the company using AR facial masks and filtering.

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Flexible recording

Capture live experiences for review or archives. With Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform, you can record multiple streams locally or on the cloud, controlling the audio and video quality as well as the recording layout.

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Robust functionality

With Agora’s Real-Time Engagement Platform, you can create intimate experiences or large events.

Our RTE Platform provides cross-channel co-hosting, enables real-time messaging features (including emojis and virtual gifting), and lets you monitor channel status in real time.

Our SD-RTN™ enables both local and server-side RTMP conversion for seamless integration with CDN services.

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AI-powered services

Take advantage of smart algorithms to improve the quality of engagement while reducing the need for human intervention. Use Agora’s adaptive noise cancelation to filter out ambient or unwanted noise so that voices come through crystal clear.

Pricing that scales with your business

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