Do more with your live audio and video streams with Agora’s cloud or on-premise recording solutions.

Get More From Your Live Video

Greater visibility

Recording a live streaming session allows content creators to increase the visibility and lifetime of their live streams.

Better content health

Enable live streaming app developers to monitor and moderate inappropriate content in real time or post-event.

Increase learning outcome

Recording the online classroom session enables students to review the content later and improve their learning outcome.


In telehealth or customer service use cases, recording and archiving the customer interaction is often required and must be done securely.

The Agora Advantage

Easy to Use

Get Cloud Recording up and running in 30 minutes with the RESTful API. Compatible with the Agora native and Web SDK.


Recordings are uploaded automatically to your Amazon S3 account, with the Agora Cloud serving as an optional backup when the third-party cloud storage fails.


All recorded data are encrypted end-to-end to ensure customers meet the most stringent compliance and regulatory requirements.
Cloud vs. On-Premise Recording
We have two flexible options for customers who want to record their live audio or video content.

Cloud Recording

  • Deployment – Agora Cloud
  • How to Use – RESTful API
  • Scalability – Scale in real time
  • DevOps – Included in service

On-premise Recording

  • Deployment – On-premise deployment
  • How to Use – Recording SDK (C++/Java)
  • Scalability – Deploy more Linux servers
  • DevOps – Customer to manage

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