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Interactive Live Streaming

Ultra-low latency live video streaming supporting real-time interaction via video, voice, and chat

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Bring real-time voice and video to a massive audience 

Interactive Live Streaming’s ultra-low latency voice and video streaming API enables you to live stream real-time audio and video communication between multiple parties to a large audience.

Three people in different places talking on a video call.

Allow hosts and audience members to connect

Allow a select group to communicate via real-time video or audio and broadcast to a large audience with Broadcast Streaming. Stream video or audio communication between multiple hosts or seamlessly promote selected audience members to speak with the hosts.

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Create a unique, engaging experience

Use Agora’s vast selection of extensions like AI noise suppression, AR facial masks, and 3D spatial audio to enhance the interactive audio and video stream. Allow a larger audience to interact and engage with the stream via real-time chat, emoji reactions, and virtual gifting.

A person performs exercise routines in front of a camera.

Stream with ultra-low latency

Stream with the lowest latency levels, without stutters, buffering, or other delays—using Agora’s global network built for real-time streaming. Track quality of experience (QoE) and performance to immediately identify and resolve any issues so end users experience perfectly synchronized, high-quality video and audio with seamless transitions.

Don’t let your audience feel alone in the crowd.

Connect them in real time to each other and to presenters with text messaging, virtual gifts, sounds, emojis, audience promotion to speaker, and much more.


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Fast channel switching and first frame rendering

Agora’s sub-second channel-switching time creates a seamless real time video streaming viewing experience. Fast initial frame rendering, and channel creation deliver real-time, seamless video.

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Dual video live streams

When serving a large audience with mixed devices and network bandwidth conditions, take advantage of Agora’s optional dual-video streaming to deliver video at both high and low bitrates.

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AI-powered audio enhancements

Provide an immersive audio experience with 3D Spatial Audio, AI Noise Suppression, and automatic echo cancellation via our AI-powered algorithms—ensuring voices come through crystal clear.

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Cross-channel co-hosting 

Share the stream between up to four channels to create competitions or co-host modes among hosts from different channels.

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Screen sharing and recording 

While streaming live video, hosts can share their entire screen, a specific area or a single tab.

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Easy-to-add extensions 

Integrate engaging AI-powered features like AR facial masks, beautification, and more with just a click and a few lines of code.

Made for developers

Connecting to the Agora platform only takes a few lines of code.

See the complete list of supported platforms on our SDK downloads page. 

Use Cases

Make any interactive live stream more engaging

A person taps a heart icon on a smartphone that is displaying a picture of another person.


Empower users to utilize Agora’s interactive live streaming platform to engage and interact with followers via real-time video or voice. Rely on the Agora global network’s extremely low latency to support seamless experiences with no jitter or lag anywhere in the world.

A person wearing headphones looks intently at their computer monitor while playing a video game.

Media and Entertainment

Allow multiple hosts to join and interact remotely while streaming to a massive audience. Agora’s network provides the reliability and quality necessary for a premium interactive streaming event with support for unlimited global participants.

A smartphone sits on a tripod and records a person holding up and displaying a red shirt.


Reimagine the shopping experience with the addition of interactive video streaming. Product experts lead customers on a buying journey, exploring options, and features, and answering their questions live via video or voice.

A mockup of a user interface featuring a "Live" button, a chat dialogue between users, and an images of a person in front of a blue backdrop.

Virtual events

Allow selected audience members to interact with hosts in real-time via video or voice. Directly invite participants into a discussion with panelists.

A mockup of a user interface featured a "Live" badge and hand emojis overtop of a still of two guitarists playing music.

Live concerts

Stream live concerts in high-definition voice and video to huge audiences globally with ultra-low latency on Agora’s interactive video platform.

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“As a SaaS company for live video shopping, we needed stable and high-quality video streaming, available on all platforms, browsers, and devices. Agora’s platform met all of our needs and is a cornerstone of our value proposition.”


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“We chose Agora for three main criteria: As a startup, we wanted good developer documentation and technical support. Agora’s ready-made tutorials were easy to understand and conceptualize. ..Lastly, the auto-scaling feature and quality of experience provided are necessary, especially when dealing with large events.”


Pricing that scales with your business 

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