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Flexible Classroom Pricing

A low-code solution for a full-featured, virtual classroom platform

Flexible Classroom (FCR) SKUsInteractive Live Streaming (hosts and audience)Broadcast Streaming (audience)
FCR Audio$2.99 / 1,000 minutes$2.19 / 1,000 minutes
FCR Video HD$5.99 / 1,000 minutes$3.99 / 1,000 minutes
FCR Video Full HD$11.99 / 1,000 minutes$6.99 / 1,000 minutes
FCR Video 2K$19.99 / 1,000 minutes$11.99 / 1,000 minutes
FCR Video 2K+$41.99 / 1,000 minutes$21.99 / 1,000 minutes

The above pricing includes:  

  • Signaling 1.X usage for free 
  • Interactive Whiteboard for free, and up to 1,000 image conversions free each month 
  • Chat (Pro Package) for free, with up to:  
    • 10,000 Monthly Active Users (MAUs) 
    • 5,000 Peak Concurrent Connections (PCCs) 
    • 1GB file storage  
    • 10GB file download traffic 
    • 10,000 image thumbnail generation  

Find more pricing details on our documentation page.  


Interested in multiple products or anticipating lots of usage? We’re here to guide you through additional discounts customized to your usage. 

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