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XR Central – Product Showroom
Product Retail Experience Center
XR Central - Lata Mangeshkar Center Showcase

XR Central

XR Central is a Metaverse Technology start-up, building credible use cases for the web3.0.

XR Central’s platform MetaQubeTM is a Build-It-Yourself (BIY) Metaverse platform for businesses and creators to build and host a variety of use cases within minutes. The use cases served are fan zones (across various fields), corporate experience centers, art galleries, art fairs, and immersive learning & training rooms. MetaQubeTM is powered by a powerful gaming engine, enabling high-quality immersion and interactions. All the communication- video, audio, & chat- features are powered by Agora, enabling a superior quality real-time interaction among users on the metaverse platform.

Geography Served:

Geography: Global