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Create your own custom voice changer with Voicemod.
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Discover the best real-time voice changer with Voicemod
Delight your friends with your own custom voice changer with Voicemod.
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Voicemod brings the power of voice-changing technology to any Agora app. Our technology gives users the ability to transform their voice in real-time while streaming audio or video. Users can enrich their app experience in a fun way by modifying or camouflaging their voice in many forms. From sounding like a robot, baby, or switching between male and female voices, the options are endless in creating unique voice effects. The Agora extension comes bundled with a selection of popular voice effects for seamless integration. Additionally, we are continually adding new plugins to support a variety of new voice effects.

Check out our Agora Extensions MarketPlace page to get started on amplifying your app experience in real-time.

We help developers and businesses solve challenging audio issues including noise, mixing audio streams, cross-platform alignment, and audio processing that integrates well with the Agora platform. Our customers include both startups and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

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