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Solarflare is a creative technology studio with a mission to hack the human experience. We work with the latest frontier technologies to tell stories in brand new ways that forge deeper relationships between brands and their consumers. As an independent studio, we’re proudly untethered to a single technology, leaving us free to innovate, iterate and offer our clients bespoke solutions and world-first showstoppers.

Whether developing solutions for issues like social distancing or using trending social platforms to enrich emotional connections between brands and fans, we push the boundaries of frontier technologies to hack the human experience. As a technology-agnostic studio, we have the freedom to work with an array of digital tools that allow us to approach projects from multiple angles and our team is a futuristic hit-squad of immersive industry leaders, who have delivered world-class projects to global audiences. Platforms we support include Android, iOS, mac OS, Web, and Windows, as well as the Unity framework.

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