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Access near by doctors
Telehealth platform built by Nyartech and powered by Agora.
Patient doctor care


At NyarTech, we consult and design innovative solutions using the latest in advanced technologies that add great business value and exceed the demands of our clients. Our team builds on extensive knowledge and experience in consulting, high tech, and business to deliver state-of-the-art solutions that include mobile applications, web-based platforms, and IoT applications.

We identified Agora as a valuable partner in delivering rich experiences for a global audience. Using Agora’s highly reliable real-time audio and video solutions, we were able to quickly ramp up our Edtech and Telehealth applications for clients. Together, we will continue to power rapid prototyping and launch innovative products across several verticals to the growing MENA market.

Geography Served:

Geography: GCC, Geography: MENA