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ArtGyan Video Learning is the world’s first live online learning space for all things art.
An online coaching, learning, and player assessment tool.
Myyodaa Yoga Marketplace is an app that connects yoga and meditation students with teachers across the globe, through personalized, live, one-to-one video classes.
Sports video editor
The Infinite Actuary offers comprehensive exam prep courses instructed by the most experienced actuarial exam instructors in the industry.
Dash Menu, an app that let’s you experience your meal before you place your order.
Yumpeg video clip editor is for podcasters or anyone who wants to extract short video clips from longer videos.

MobileFirst Applications

MobileFirst Applications is a full-stack product development studio. We focus on lifestyle, eCommerce, Fin-Tech, Healthcare/ Wellness & SportsTech solutions. MobileFirst has great experience building video-centric products for sports, shopping, and education & wellness purposes.

Using the Agora platform, MobileFirst has built use cases of personalized, live, 1-to-1 video for Yoga Marketplace & Group Arts Education. Our team has shipped solutions across Australia, Europe, India and the United States.

MobileFirst team builds technology solutions for Mobile, Web & Cloud platforms with iOS, Flutter, ReactJS, PHP, AngularJS & NodeJS, AWS, and Google Cloud.

Geography Served:

Geography: EMEA, Geography: India, Geography: North America, Geography: Oceania