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Box is an enterprise content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

Agora’s Video Calling for Box is a free reference application that allows Box users to easily launch video conferencing right from a file in Box, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. In addition to the Web App Integration for Box, other reference applications for mobile platforms can be downloaded from the Agora developer portal.


  • Enjoy up to 40 minutes of free video conference when sharing online document with anyone through Box’s portal.
  • Easy-to-use plugin directly through your browser; no need to download any app; zero setup hassle.
  • Experience best-in-class, sub-second (less than 100ms within same country) low-latency live interactive video optimized for real–time user engagement over the internet. Audio-only mode also available.