Doki Doki Partners with to Launch First Social Voice Streaming App in the U.S.

SAN FRANCISCOJuly 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Doki Doki Inc., a voice technology company, today announced the launch of Dabel, the first social live voice streaming app in the U.S. Dabel lets users live stream up to two hours of audio per session with the tap of a button and invite listeners to join the conversation. Each live stream supports up to 10,000 concurrent speakers and is automatically saved for easy social sharing across different platforms.

“It’s time to make communication more human using the tool we all have: our voice,” said Takahito Iguchi, founder, and CEO of Doki Doki. “Dabel offers users a deeper, more intimate way of connecting with each other.”

Dabel was created in partnership with, the leading voice, video, and live broadcasting platform that also powers real-time engagement for social apps like MeetMe, Gravy, and Bunch. The new app provides an intuitive mobile platform for anyone to share their stories—anytime, anywhere.

Dabel’s unique voice streaming format is designed to let users create their own personal audio stream on any topic, interest, format, or style with a community of listeners who can also join the live stream. Dabel streams can have multiple co-hosts, as hosts can open up the conversation and invite listeners to talk in the stream. Listeners can also interact with their favorite hosts and other listeners via in-app comments within the streams.

“The audio revolution is sweeping the world as voice-enabled apps, smart speakers, voice assistants, and podcasts reach mass adoption at an incredibly rapid pace,” said Reggie Yativ, CRO & COO of “Dabel is making its mark in the social media industry with a unique platform that gives people an innovative new way to create and enjoy real-time audio content on mobile devices.”

Aimed at the growing number of people fatigued by crowded social media feeds and endless visual stimulation, Dabel enables users to give their senses a break by immersing themselves in the spoken word. As Iguchi observes, “Everyone has something to say but social media overload can make you feel like your voice is lost in the crowd. With Dabel, everyone has the ability to speak their mind with all the emotional nuances. We’re giving our users a platform that empowers them to be heard.”

The underlying technology behind Dabel’s voice streaming feature is Agora’s Voice SDK, which allows developers to embed crystal-clear, real-time voice chat into any application. The partnership allows Dabel to tap into Agora’s network of 200 globally distributed data centers and proprietary software-defined real-time network (SD-RTN™) to connect users globally via high-quality, real-time voice chat.

Download the Dabel app now and start your own open conversation.

About Doki Doki Inc.

Doki Doki Inc. is on a mission to erase loneliness with voice. With offices in Tokyo and San Francisco, they have been developing voice-based communication platforms since 2015. In 2017, Doki Doki released the apps Baby and Ball, which were both innovative “voice social networks.” The next app they released in the U.S. is Dabel, a social network for voice streaming. On this platform, users are able to stream and connect with other users they just met, where “conversations lead to new conversations.” Doki Doki was founded by Takahito Iguchi, who has been a leader in the XR (Cross Reality) field, starting with the augmented reality app Sekai Camera and in 2013, the Telepathy wearable device. Now, Iguchi leads Doki Doki in developing products that evolve voice technology beyond the one-way communication that podcasts and streaming apps now represent, towards a more interactive form.


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