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As the Metaverse Ramps Up, Demand for Real-Time Engagement (RTE) Technology Surges Over 60% Globally in Q2 featured

As the Metaverse Ramps Up, Demand for Real-Time Engagement (RTE) Technology Surges Over 60% Globally in Q2

By Author: Team Agora In Press Releases

Global demand for RTE was up 63%, according to Agora

WHO: Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs.

WHAT: Agora has announced that global demand for real-time engagement (RTE) technology in the second quarter increased by nearly two-thirds (63%) when compared to the same period last year. Interest in the metaverse, in particular, is supporting growth. 

“Real-time engagement technology enables developers to quickly and easily build cross-platform metaverse experiences,” said Tony Zhao, founder and CEO of Agora. “We are seeing more developers try to meet the metaverse opportunity globally, which is contributing to RTE adoption, and we expect that trend to continue.” 

The metaverse – an interactive space that combines real-life social interaction with extended reality (XR) – has been labeled as game-changing by many experts across a wide range of industries. For developers, the growth of the metaverse, allowing them to build new communities and better connect with users, offers a great deal of financial opportunity, as well, with Bloomberg Intelligence citing the metaverse as an $800 billion market.*

“The metaverse presents an unprecedented opportunity for developers,” added Zhao. “But building that infrastructure is difficult. Most developers are not prepared to take on such a massive undertaking. As a result, many are turning to RTE.” 

According to data from Agora, demand (revenue) for its real-time engagement platform increased by 63% year-over-year in Q2. The platform allows developers to easily embed powerful real-time engagement experiences – live interactive video and audio – into their apps and services. In total, 33,000 new applications were registered on Agora’s platform in Q2, while active customers exceeded 2,800 – up by 400 compared to Q2 of 2021.

“As the demand for metaverse experiences surges, we have made it easy for developers to integrate our RTE technology into their applications and create virtual worlds at any scale,” said Zhao. “We are providing a diverse toolkit that works reliably across the globe and across verticals like gaming, enterprise, collaboration, education, and more.” 

RTE’s support of the metaverse will be a key focus for Agora’s flagship RTE2022 conference which is scheduled for October 10-12, 2022. RTE2022 will bring together visionaries and experts from all over the globe to talk about how technology has inspired them and how they are reimagining the future of human interaction without boundaries. To register to attend RTE2022, click here.

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About Agora

Agora is the leading Real-time Engagement Platform as a Service (RTE PaaS) company. Agora’s mission is to make real-time engagement ubiquitous, allowing everyone to interact with anyone, in any application, anytime and anywhere. Agora’s platform provides developers with simple, flexible and powerful application programming interfaces, or APIs, to embed real-time video and voice engagement experiences into their applications.

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