Agora-Unity-Verified-Partner Enables Game Developers to Embed Live Video Chat as a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner

SANTA CLARA, Calif.June 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —, the leading voice, video and live interactive streaming platform, today announced it is a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner and released the Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity. As a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, enables game developers to easily embed high-quality video chat directly inside their games.

Mobile experiences are becoming increasingly interactive as users turn to live video to communicate and engage with each other across a wide variety of apps, with gaming at the forefront of this evolution. The Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity provides game developers with everything they need to create richer, more engaging user experiences with live in-game video chat.

By enabling players to interact with each other in real time, developers can boost player engagement and retention while delivering unique gaming experiences that today’s gamers crave. In-app video communications add an interactive social layer to games so players don’t have to rely on third-party apps, which increases user stickiness and keeps gamers inside the game.

“Live video is a powerful tool for game developers who want to take their games to new heights but most existing solutions come with a trade-off in gameplay,” said Clive Downie, CMO at Unity Technologies. “Agora’s new video SDK is designed to work seamlessly with our development platform and makes it incredibly easy for developers to deploy live interactive video within their games. More importantly, Agora’s SDK is a robust yet lightweight solution, allowing developers to add real-time video without compromising the player experience.”

The Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity delivers in-game real-time video communications with sub-second latency and a small footprint that ensures a seamless experience for gamers. The SDK is optimized in size, CPU usage, and power consumption for minimal impact on gameplay without affecting gaming bitrate or diluting the experience.

In addition to high-quality video,’s SDK also ensures high-quality voice integration with zero interference and low latency with passive echo cancellation, background noise reduction, volume normalization, and proprietary anti-data loss algorithms. Other features include spatial voice effects, which add a sense of player positioning and depth, and voice changing, which utilizes pitch, reverb, equalizer, and other sound effects to provide players with personalized experiences.

“By working with Unity, we’re making real-time video easily accessible for Unity’s massive game developer community to power the next generation of engagement-centric mobile games,” said Reggie Yativ, COO & CRO of “Both Unity and share a similar vision of powering the real-time generation, so we’re thrilled to become a trusted partner to drive the future of gaming together.”


Founded in 2014, is a global company with offices in Santa ClaraLondonBangalore, and Shanghai and customers in over 100 countries. offers a real-time engagement platform-as-a-service that allows developers to easily embed voice, video, interactive streaming, and messaging for any mobile, web or desktop application and go live globally in a matter of days.

With over 20 billion minutes of monthly usage on our network, is trusted by developers and business managers and powers live streaming and video interaction for leading social and enterprise brands across the globe, with use cases in a wide variety of industries such as social, gaming, workflow collaboration, enterprise training & branding, e-commerce, healthcare and more. services are backed by an SLA, priced very competitively, and GDPR compliant.

The platform is powered by the Agora Software Defined Real Time Network (SD-RTN™), a global delivery network of 200 data centers. SD-RTN™ that dynamically manages the routing of voice and video to overcome severe packet loss incidents and enables seamless, uninterrupted, high-quality real-time streaming delivery across the globe, even in the most remote locations and emerging markets.

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