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How Real-time Engagement is Reshaping Enterprise Collaboration hero

How Real-time Engagement is Reshaping Enterprise Collaboration

Adopting a hybrid workforce has challenged existing internal and external collaboration platforms. Learn where the Generic web conferencing tools are falling short and how embedded communication facilitates decision-making, shortens time-to-market and boosts business outcomes.

Create immersive environments for communications, collaboration, and learning.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how embedded real-time communication can drive the competitive advantage of your business apps. See how you can enable instantaneous exchanges of information that can help solve problems, inform decisions, and increase productivity. Discover: 

  • How generic web conferencing tools are poorly suited for specific work process-related needs 
  • What is real-time engagement and why does it matter 
  • How to embed real-time engagement into any app  

Find out how building these capabilities into your application can create a seamless, interconnected, engaging, and more productive work environment.