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Add WebRTC services to your application

Simplify and enhance WebRTC development with Agora’s SDKs to build a better real-time communication experience, faster.

3 People in a video call


An easier way to build with WebRTC services

Incorporate WebRTC services into your applications faster than ever with a top WebRTC provider. Agora’s cross-platform WebRTC solution provides the easiest way for developers to create and customize web-based real-time video, voice and live streaming experiences.

4 Women and 1 Man in different parts of the world

Global coverage and scalability

Covering 200+ countries and regions globally, Agora’s WebRTC as a service allows your app to connect people anywhere in the world. Agora’s edge network helps you gracefully scale from one to millions of concurrent users with the best quality, stability and reliability.

6 People in a Video Call

A faster way to build

Get to market faster with all the capabilities you need to build your WebRTC project in record time. Agora’s WebRTC services provide a powerful, feature-rich set of APIs and no-code/low-code tools that decrease your time to market and the cost of development while increasing return on investment (ROI).

Screenshot of a Settings page within the App

Customization and flexibility

Don’t choose between ease and customization. Agora WebRTC services provide low-code UI tools and libraries to get your app up and running fast, plus the flexibility to customize for a differentiated experience. You’ll always have the option to customize any aspect of the WebRTC client UI as much, or as little, as desired.


The best real-time network

Agora’s global edge network provides scalable quality and reliability.

No-code and low-code tools

Use Agora’s fully customizable Video UI Kit or no-code visual designer to save time without restricting creativity.

Easy-to-add extensions

Pre-built 1st– and 3rd-party extensions make it easy to quickly add functionality.

Detailed WebRTC platform tutorials and documentation

World-class tutorials and docs to make implementing WebRTC calls for audio and video a breeze.

Cross-platform support

Flexible cross-platform WebRTC SDK works across all major browsers and platforms.

Embed WebRTC video in 3 easy steps

1. Get free app ID   2. Follow the instructions for your platform   3. Add code to your app or website

1. Get free app ID

2. Follow the instructions for your platform

3. Add code to your app or website