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Develop Apps for Any Virtual Classroom

Virtual classrooms pose unique challenges for app developers.

  • How can you closely approximate the face-to-face educational experience and overcome technical hurdles like dropped connections, latency, and poor audio and video quality?
  • Is it possible to easily integrate rich interactivity, customized functionality, and fun features that make it rewarding for instructors to teach and enjoyable for students to learn?

The answer is yes—if you choose the right development platform.

Learn more about a platform-as-a-service offering that enables you to develop customized virtual classroom apps featuring streaming video and audio, messaging, and many other interactive learning capabilities. Built on an intelligent virtual overlay network, the platform delivers mission-critical reliability and high performance.

Discover how Agora stands out from commercial SaaS platforms in global scalability, quality, and customization. Learn how you can create engaging apps for diverse educational situations, from small group learning to lecture halls for thousands of students.

For more details, download our solution brief on virtual classrooms.