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At Agora, we continue to push the boundaries of mobile communications. In our latest development, we’re breaking new ground by giving game developers an easier and richer way to embed live voice chat directly into mobile games, without affecting game performance.

Mobile gaming in Asia, which accounted for almost two-thirds of the $41 billion worldwide mobile games market in 2016, is a large and growing market. That figure made the mobile games market equal to the worldwide market for box office sales over the same period.

We all have an innate desire to communicate and connect with one another, and mobile gamers are no different. Gamers today desire more than just great game design; they want an engaging, social experience. The ability to chat with your opponent or teammate while playing a game makes the experience much more enjoyable for millions of mobile gamers.

Some observers, like Venturebeat, see our move to add live voice chat as a challenge to Discord, but we’re actually two different animals. Discord is a consumer app first and a developer tool second, whereas our product is for developers and businesses. I’m not going to discount Discord’s capabilities; we’re just different products aimed at different audiences.

A Better, More Consistent Experience
While Agora is not the only provider enabling voice chat for mobile games, our product brings higher-quality audio that is optimized for mobile gaming, meaning the communication will be headache-free, without affecting the audio and performance of the game itself. In addition, because our SDK is delivered across our global virtual network, developers can be assured that voice communications will be supported to an unlimited number of gamers in all geographies. You can get all of the technical details in our official statement here.

We’ve made it incredibly easy for developers to add voice chat to mobile games with just a couple lines of code, and the response we’ve gotten from the developer community tells us we’ve delivered the right solution in just the right format.

With the Agora Mobile Gaming SDK, we believe we’re bringing the best in-game voice chat experience to the market, and so far the real-life experience of gamers has confirmed this belief. In an extensive beta launch within Asia that included some of the most popular games, millions of users were able to experience Agora’s live chat while playing their favorite games, and the reception from the users has been fantastic.

Live chat in mobile games is part of a live streaming revolution that is sweeping the world and picking up steam, with live streaming apps taking many exciting new shapes and forms. Making it easy to add rich in-game voice chat to mobile gaming is a natural extension of our mission to bring the most scalable, reliable, and feature-rich real-time communications to mobile devices. We’re proud of the live voice quality we’ve brought to mobile gaming and we hope all mobile gamers will be able to share in the experience.