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Top Gaming Trends for 2023 featured

Top Gaming Trends for 2023: From AI-Powered Game Development to Game Streaming

By Author: Jonathan Barcelo In Business

2023 is set to be an exciting year with new and ongoing trends across the gaming industry. From AI-assisted game development to cloud gaming innovations in the face of macro-economic woes, this article takes a look at the top #futuretrends that we predict will shape the #gaming industry in 2023.

1 – AI-assisted game development will give smaller studios a competitive edge

In 2023, we will see smaller game studios embrace ML and AI generation to drive their content production costs (way) down

Games are complex forms of entertainment that rely on a wide variety of costly asset types. By leveraging machine learning (ML) models and training artificial intelligence (AI) to create more of these assets, smaller teams can accomplish more with much less. And, with the number of published ML and AI white papers on the rise, AI-assisted game development is poised to become a rising trend in 2023, which will give indie studios the tools to compete against established developers in the content economy.

2 – Cloud gaming will rise (again)

In 2023, we will see more cloud gaming providers enter the market

With Google Stadia shutting down in January 2023, cloud gaming would appear to be on the downslope once again. But as ultrafast networks like 5G continue to proliferate across the world, the allure of device-independent access to any game or virtual world remains appealing, especially when supply-chain constraints continue to prevent consumers from gaining access to dedicated gaming hardware. With new players like Netflix and Logitech expanding into the cloud gaming sector, and Epic Games’s heavy investment in Pixel Streaming, we expect that 2023 will see many more cloud gaming offerings rise to take a turn at becoming king of the cloud.

3 – Holding strong in the face of a recession

2023 may see a slowdown in gaming growth, but it will remain a rising trend

Historically, game sales have been resilient during economic downturns. Why? Staying home to battle or race against friends is a lot cheaper than a night out on the town. Granted, nearly half of the gaming industry’s growth is driven by mobile gaming, which is fast becoming a saturated market in many corners of the world. For this reason, we imagine that the big winners of 2023 will be game developers that emphasize quality of content.

In summary, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the gaming industry, which is poised to remain resilient in the face of economic challenges. To stay ahead of the trend, consider using Agora’s real-time engagement platform SDKs and APIs. Agora offers cutting-edge technology such as real-time communication and cross-platform support, which enable developers to create engaging and immersive gaming experiences.

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