Some Frequently Asked Questions By Our Developers

As you are venturing into the world of building apps around real-time communications, there may be some questions that come up along the way. We organize some of the questions asked by developer peers and hope some of these get your questions answered as well.
Q: Is planning to support real-time data communications (e.g. push notifications) anytime soon?
A: We support a data channel in our app today. In the Agora Video Call demo app, we have a “1:1 chat message” demo using this capability.
Q: Is P2P available yet in the Agora SDK? 
A: In some instances, we are routing the call P2P when we deem the performance to be better than Agora Global Network routed. But it is not controllable. In the future, we will add a Dashboard option to prefer P2P or Prefer Agora Global Network
Q: How many participants does audio/video support at the same time in a call?
A: Audio Call: up to 10,000 people speaking at the same time. Video Call: up to 7 people at the same time (Video support for up to 25 people is under development).
Q: Do you have any Agora demo app to show the API quality?
A: Yes. We have our demo app “Agora Video Call”. You could download it from App Store (iOS & Mac version) and Google Play Store (Android).
Q: What is the minimum API level supported by on Android?

A: 16 – Android 4.1.


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