All of you must have started noticing those banners at the top of almost every website. The banners provide an alert about Net Neutrality and ask you to take some action. For some of you who might not know what it is about, here is a little background.

What is Net Neutrality and what does not having that mean for us?

In 2015, the Obama administration had set open-internet rules, which meant that providers were not allowed to block or slow down access to certain content. Which also meant that there was no different set of pricing for different types of content. Those rules were basically made to ensure free and equal access to all the web content by every consumer, thus the name “Net Neutrality.”

What the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is trying to do is repeal that rule. And it will be official on June 11th. What would that mean to you, you say? It would mean the internet providers can block or slow down your content by just declaring that they will do that and charge you for “Internet Fast Lanes.” This allows the providers to give special treatment to certain content based on the business agreements they have with them.

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Having full and open access and transparency to everything on the Internet empowers us as the user. We love the bloggers we follow, we love our “cute kitty cat” videos, we love watching our favorite celebrities broadcast their everyday life. The Internet basically touches all aspects of our lives! We don’t want to stop all that right? So, it is important for us that Net Neutrality continues to exist. We all need to do our part to save the old rule and continue to have open access and freedom to Internet usage.

It’s not over Yet!

Well! Let’s not lose hope. It’s not over for us yet. We still have a month left and we can overturn FCC’s decision by writing to our official elected Congress people. There are few campaigns going around that you can go and support and help save our rights. and are some of them.

Go do your part today and save our tomorrow!