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Real-Time Messaging (RTM) API Platform for Web Apps Featured

Real-Time Messaging (RTM) API Platform for Web Apps

By Author: Team Agora In Developer

Expanding Possibilities for Communication

When we hear about real-time messaging, what first comes to mind? Chances are we immediately think about applications like SMS or Skype. While these are great examples, you might be surprised to know that the technology goes beyond that.

It’s the driving force behind today’s devices and apps. It’s how computers communicate and work with each other. It’s the reason why the smartphone is suddenly the center of everyone’s digital life right now.

Let’s delve into what real-time messaging is, and how Agora’s version is set to power the demanding innovations of tomorrow.

What Is Real-Time Messaging?

Real-time messaging is an online communication method where messages and data are sent from the sender directly to the recipient in real-time. The goal is to recreate the way we humans naturally communicate with each other.

This real-time messaging definition is in contrast to email, which is a type of timeshifting communication. Email is stored in a server, rather than being sent straight to the recipient.

A simple real-time messaging system uses a mechanism to push out messages to users in real-time. Further enhancements include a way to indicate if the other party is online, or when they’re typing a response. These little touches make real-time messaging feel more like a real-life conversation than just sending digital notes.

Machines also use real-time messaging to communicate with one another. Computers over the network, for example, use a simple form of real-time communication to connect and “talk” with each other.

RTM Examples

Real-time messaging is such a part of everyday modern life that we rarely stop to think about it. The reality is that this technology is everywhere and powers much of our world.

The most obvious examples include real-time messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These applications have robust features like knowing if the other person has received and read your message yet. It’s the reason why it feels so natural talking to someone when you use these real-time messaging services.

Another real-time messaging example is the use of chatbot technology on some websites. These instances are interesting because it’s an example of real-time messaging being shared between a person and a computer.

Real-time messaging is also how your many different apps and websites talk to each other. It’s done through a webhook, which is a way for systems to send updates to another system. It’s how you get notified in Slack when someone pays you via Paypal.

Innovations of Real-Time Messaging

Agora is one of the leading real-time messaging platforms in the world today. Through the Agora RTM API or real-time messaging API, you can implement a stable messaging system that can power the most demanding of web applications.

The key to Agora RTM’s stellar performance is its ultra-low latency. It’s thanks to the vast network of data centers around the world that Agora RTM can achieve latencies as low as 100 ms.

The large size of its distribution network also makes Agora RTM easy to scale. It can easily add new servers or connect to new data centers, depending on demand.

Thanks to a smart network algorithm, RTM is also one of the most reliable real-time messaging platforms in the world. It’s guaranteed to be online 99.99% of the time.

Agora RTM is also a highly concurrent platform. It can handle sending up to a million channel messages at the same time, without straining the network. This is vital for successfully running high concurrency events, like an online quiz.

Exciting Capabilities

The Agora RTM API enables developers to add real-time messaging functionality to their apps, devices, and websites.

Use live video streaming capabilities to help your users share their ideas with the world. You can add chat room features, complete with maintenance and privilege management. Allow users to like, send virtual gifts, stream audio, or leave comments during live streaming.

The low latency of Agora’s RTM protocol also makes it the perfect platform to send and receive live video call invites; initiate calls faster and much more efficiently.

Real-time messaging is also at the core of the online education movement. Help course creators make the perfect virtual classroom with class and group chats, whiteboard features, and privilege management.

The Agora RTM API can also power the next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) devices by powering the way they communicate. An example would be allowing your front door camera to send control messages to your smartphone and alert you if someone is at the door.

Agora RTM is the next generation, real-time messaging platform that will power the applications and devices of tomorrow. We are committed to helping you accelerate user engagement and the effectiveness of your apps. Sign up today or call us at 408-879-5885 to find out how you can add our low latency, high-reliability products to your next project.