Live Stream Conferences: Solutions for Streaming Your Event

Live conferences have always been overwhelming to host. Hotel costs, liabilities, and travel headaches can make in-person conferences seem pretty daunting. Conference costs are climbing and the logistics of hosting these events is becoming more challenging by the year.

Yet, the ability to network with colleagues, learn new skills, and conduct business face-to-face is still invaluable. Which leads to the big question: how do organizations reap the benefits of in-person events without being able to meet face-to-face?

Enter live stream conferences. These immersive virtual experiences use online platforms to stream presentations and content in real-time. Live streaming events have been a boon to anyone who wants to virtually connect and engage with their customers and colleagues.

In this article, we’ll explain live stream conferences, how they work, and how they may be able to benefit your organization. We’ll even throw in some tips on how to set up your own virtual event.

What Is a Live Stream Conference?

Live stream conferences are virtual events that have many of the same elements as a traditional in-person conference plus a few bonus features. With conference live streaming, attendees and organizers both access the conference through a live video streaming platform like Agora.

How Does Conference Live Streaming Work?

Much of the format of a live stream conference depends on the industry in which it takes place, but aside from that, hosting one is relatively easy. Simply choose a platform that matches the needs of your industry and conference format, recruit your speakers, and create your program. Live online conferences are run in much the same way that a traditional conference would be. Presenters speak, take questions, and present materials, while a moderator (you and your team) ensures that everything runs smoothly during the stream conference.

The Benefits of Conference Live Streaming

Live stream conferences have several advantages over traditional conferences. Here are some of the key benefits of live streaming your event vs. holding it in person:

Recording for Content

Everything from a streaming conference can and should be recorded. This means all the keynotes, seminars and panel discussions can be shared on social media and used as content for your own marketing needs.

Safe and Comfortable

Live stream conferences can take place on a laptop or mobile device from the comfort of your home. Conferences can certainly be based in a home office or have everyone can participate from their living room. Teams seeking to create a more professional appearance can easily transform a small room into a makeshift video production studio. 

Audio-Video Integration

Depending on the live video streaming platform you choose, your speakers can easily share video clips, PowerPoint decks, pdfs, and other documents as part of their presentation. Anything that can be done during a traditional conference with a cameraman and a laptop can be done during a live streaming conference, only much easier.

Marketing, Sales, and Tracking

Whether your online conference is a paid event or free, services such as Eventbrite enable you to perform virtual ticketing. This creates a list of attendees that can be imported into your CRM and will be vital to your marketing and sales team.

How to Live Stream Your Conference Successfully

One of the great advantages of creating virtual conferences and events is that an online video stream can be used as part of a regular conference or as its own stand-alone presentation. Below are some tips for live streaming your event.

Choose Your Livestream Software

There are several affordable software platforms to choose from when it comes to live streaming conferences. At Agora, we believe this is the most important decision you’ll make because software is at the heart of the entire experience for you and your attendees. Check out our video streaming software solutions to learn more about how Agora can help.

Select a Venue with Proper Video Equipment

It’s wise to get into the venue a day or two early, test out your stream, all camera equipment, lighting, and sound. If you don’t have an in-house videographer, hire a freelancer for the event. Even if the majority of participants are attending virtually, quality lighting and camera angles will give a more polished look and help your post-conference content look better

Get Your Speakers Dialed-In

Make sure to contact your presenters and ensure that their presentations, decks and equipment are set up. Test their connections and make sure their materials work with your conference software prior to the start of the event.

Don’t Forget Post-Event Activities

Once your virtual conference has come to a close, hand the recordings of the conference stream over to your marketing team so they can parse the presentations and create snackable content for your social channels. And don’t forget to send thank you emails to your attendees. This creates a unique flow in your CRM that will keep the contacts warm for your marketing and sales teams and set the stage for a terrific conference next year!

Agora and You: Live Streaming for the Future

At Agora, we help businesses harness the power of live video streaming to host virtual conferences. Reach out to us with any questions about how to live stream your event. We’re here to help!

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