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ntroducing the Newly Revamped Console Featured

Introducing the Newly Revamped Agora Console

By Author: Team Agora In Business, Developer, Product

Over the past few months, we’ve been steadily working on enhancing user experience with the Agora platform. We’re now thrilled to share these exciting new developments via a revamped Agora Console, having added many new features and benefits to better support a robust platform that powers real-time engagement.

Let’s dive into the details and explore some of the critical improvements that will help you more easily manage your Agora projects, and get the most out of your personalized Agora Console.

Enhanced User Onboarding Experience

Starting up a project just got easier. As a new user, you’re now immediately greeted with a welcome screen to spin up your first web project and experience our call quality directly on your web browser.

Name your first project and initialize the Agora Engine

This process launches your initial introduction to the Agora Console. The guided QuickStart helps highlight all the key elements of setting up an Agora Video call. Once you complete the onboarding, you will be brought to the dashboard landing page, that centralizes all the most important tools into one hub.

Initiate your first onboarding video project

The Agora Console also has an API that allows developers to use RESTful requests to ban users, check usage, and inquire about online statistics on the server. You can get the Customer ID and Customer Certificate for the RESTful API in Agora Console.

Real-Time Console and Overview Access

The redesigned Console gives an instant yet simplified summary view, including overviews of ongoing projects, account info, sample codes, and usage analytics. Instead of showing all the statistics on one page, now you get a snippet within each section.

Snapshot of the new Agora Console

From the Console, you can access any section to retrieve more detailed information (you can also access those areas from the individual navigation tabs). Here’s a rundown of what you can expect to see here.

Project Usage Monitoring and Accounts: Here’s where you can start a new project, view ongoing projects, and review quick usage data.

Balance View and Analytics: This section gives you a quick glance at your account balance, transaction history, and message view.

Quick Links: This provides you with product overviews, a quick start guide, sample codes, and API references, giving easier access to relevant app development tools.

Let’s take a closer look at the navigation tabs and how we’ve organized the sections.

Revamped Anchor Navigation

To offer actionable insights and help you control your usage, we added a host of new features to the various page views in the navigation bar.

In the Product and Usage tab, you receive an immediate view of your voice, video HD, or Video HD+ (streaming) usage. You can also access your hourly, daily, week, or monthly usage. The audio, video call, and streaming services can be viewed by default, while other products such as the Cloud Recording and the RTMP Converter must be self-enabled before they can be used.

Sample view of the Product and Usage tab

Next, is the Agora Analytics tab. Use this to track the quality of your calls and identify issues, find root causes, and troubleshoot solutions to improve the final user experience.

Quality of Experience (QoE) Overview

The Billing Center covers all your billing transactions. You can now attach a credit card to your account for easy payments, view your transactions and account balance, and make withdrawal requests via either a credit card or bank transfer.

Billing and Payment Center view

Next, we have the Team Member Management tab. There are 5 pre-defined roles in this section, with specified permissions which can be defined by the administrative user who holds full access rights. The other four roles — Finance, Product/Operations, CS/Maintenance and Engineering — have access to specific areas of the dashboard, based on their user role’s predefined permissions.

Member Management Section

The last in this section is the Project Management tab. This provides a deeper view of all projects you’ve created, including your first onboarding demo. Within this view, users can create up to 10 projects, view your App ID, and generate a token which serves as a ‘unique’ password for each project.

Project Management view

Everything throughout the new Console is geared toward getting your projects going faster, smoother, and with the high-impact results, you need to enhance user experience. We’re constantly adding new features and functions to the platform console, so be sure to keep a lookout for the latest updates.

Better yet, get involved in the developer community and let us know what would be most beneficial for your future rollouts. Your voice matters, so check out the Console, and let’s hear your thoughts!

In the meantime, if you need help or have any questions about Agora’s products, here’s where you can submit a ticket and we’ll be glad to help.