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Introducing Agora’s React SDK for Web Video and Voice featured

Introducing Agora’s React SDK for Web Video and Voice 

By Author: Shaocheng Yang In Business, Developer

We’re excited to announce that our Web Video and Voice SDK is now available for React in GA. It is built on top of our robust Web SDK and exports easy-to-use hooks and components, providing the same level of functionality including video and audio communication, screen sharing, and cloud recording and more.

Why are we releasing a React SDK?

In the dynamic world of software development, React has emerged as a game-changer, especially when compared to other languages. React’s lack of rigid code conventions and file organization rules offer a breath of fresh air for developers and teams. This flexibility empowers them to establish their own traditions, tailoring React to seamlessly meet their specific project requirements.

React’s versatility is one of its most significant assets for businesses. Whether your needs are modest, like adding a single interactive button, or more extensive, such as designing the entire user interface of an application, React adapts effortlessly. Its capacity to blend into existing applications with minimal disruption makes it an ideal choice for enhancing user experience with a touch of interactivity. Alternatively, for those looking to harness its full potential, React is well suited for building robust, full-scale applications from scratch. This adaptability makes React a strategic tool for businesses aiming to stay agile and responsive to changing market needs.

What kind of applications can be built with React?

React has been effectively utilized across various industries to create efficient and interactive online applications. Notable examples include:

Meta (formerly Facebook): React.js was developed by Meta’s team. They used it alongside Relay, a GraphQL client, to transform the Facebook website and app, providing a more dynamic user experience​​.

Netflix: Netflix uses React, notably on its Gibbon platform, which replaces the DOM in web browsers for low-performance TV sets. Netflix even wrote an official blog post describing why they chose the ReactJS library to aid the streaming application’s startup speed, runtime performance, modularity, and other benefits.

Airbnb: This vacation rental platform employs React on its frontend, enhancing the speed and accuracy of web page element loading, crucial for maintaining its large peer-to-peer marketplace​​.

The New York Times: The newspaper shifted from PHP to using Node, React.js, and GraphQL for a more robust front end. They’ve also used React for special projects like simulating various celebrity looks on the Oscar red carpet​​.

Reddit: Reddit’s popular social news website was created using React. Users can submit information on a certain topic and people can upvote or downvote on said topic and discuss it. To make content sharing easier, it employs ReactJS which allows users to add content quickly.

These examples demonstrate React.js’s ability to adapt to different industry needs, from social networking and streaming services to ride-sharing, hospitality, and news media​.

At Agora, we want to deliver our customers the best Developer Experience (DX) possible.  With a best-in-class DX, developers can write React only reducing complexity thus increasing speed to market for their apps. Agora’s React SDK is built on our industry leading Web SDK which means that updates and fixes to code are applied automatically so that code is always up to date.

Ready to start building with Agora’s React SDK? Follow our React SDK quickstart to get started.