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Introducing Agora All-Stars

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The community of developers using are All Stars! You spend your time contributing your knowledge and technical expertise with other developers on the RTC dev Slack channel; your work on open source projects such as the Xamarin binding is both amazing and incredibly helpful; your developer stories are inspiring and your technical reviews are stellar. You all are the best!

So, to bring this awesome community closer together, we are launching a new developer program — Agora All Stars! Here you’ll be able to continue to help and support each other while earning some cool rewards for your contributions. Completing developer challenges will earn you Agora swag, trips to conferenceseducational subscriptions, and cool tools and gadgets like a Rasberry Pi or an Oculus Rift.

All of the challenges are designed to help you learn and build using Agora, whether it’s participating in beta testing or working through a tutorial. Some of the challenges are a bit meatier and some are super easy. For instance, participating in our DevPost hackathon or translating some documentation on Github will take you some time, but the Introduction and Joining Slack channel challenges will take only minutes.

If you already have an Agora developer account, you can jump right into Agora All Stars with your existing Agora credentials. If you don’t, click here to sign up and you can participate immediately.

So come learn, contribute, earn and have fun in Agora All Stars!